To guarantee an easy buying experience for our customers, Urban Edge endeavors to offer adaptable and convenient payment options. We comprehend the significance of secure and dependable payment methods as a leading online retailer in Zimbabwe. 

Explore our extensive range of products and shop with confidence at Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Cash on Delivery (COD)

  • Convenience: We offer cash on delivery for most products, allowing you to pay when you receive your order. This ensures that you only pay for what you receive, providing peace of mind and convenience.
  • First-Time Customers: To maintain our commitment to reliable service, we may require a deposit from first-time customers on a random basis. This policy helps us manage instances where customers do not follow through on their commitment to collect their orders. If a deposit is required, you will be notified during the order process.

Bank Transfer

  • Secure Payments: For those who prefer electronic transactions, we accept bank transfers at the market rate prevailing on the day of payment. This option provides a secure and traceable method of payment, ensuring your funds are handled safely.
  • Easy Process: Once your order is placed, you will receive our bank details and the exact amount to be transferred. Simply complete the transfer and provide us with proof of payment to proceed with the order fulfillment.

Why We Require Deposits

To guarantee the utmost level of reliability and service, we have implemented a random deposit policy for first-time customers. Regrettably, certain customers fail to fulfill their obligations to retrieve their orders upon completion. Consequently, this precautionary measure has been implemented. We can more effectively manage our inventory and guarantee that serious customers receive their products in a timely manner by requiring a deposit.