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Shop the latest ORRO Buds and Pods. ORRO true wireless sound brings you full functionality and features for a fraction of the price. These ranges of Pods and Buds have been developed purposefully to satisfy your needs. Whether you re a professional looking for a set of earphones to make crystal clear calls, an enthusiast gamer for those special effects or just somewhere on the spectrum music listening, ORRO has a set of earphones that won’t break the bank. Please check out the full range of ORRO earphones and choose your preference of sound and functionality. Enjoy listening to good quality music in style without breaking the bank!

Intended Designed Use:
ORRO carefully mates components and chipsets that will reliably give you a good experience and are calibrated for reliable durable performance. These Pods have been specifically calibrated and designed to be used casually for all types of music and sounds. CasualPods are simple to use and are perfect for anyone who wishes to listen to music effortlessly and enjoy hands free chatting over calls. We recommend these to anyone looking for a good experience into the wireless earphone world, but we do not recommend them to those who consider themselves bass heads or audiophiles. For those Audiophiles or bass heads, we really recommend a sealed experience with in ear silicone earphone (“Buds”) and increasing your budget towards the GameBuds or ProBuds.

Highlights from ORRO CasualPods:
– Ear tip in Pods format
– Most affordable entry into the ORRO earphones range
– Simple straight forward use
– Modern sleek design
– ORRO is in supply partnership with the leading 3rd party chipset producer

– Bluetooth V5.1 (lowest level audio delay in the current market without Low Latency mode which is available in the GameBuds and ProBuds)
– IPX5 Water resistance, do not place under a running tap or submerge in water, use wet wipes to clean carefully
– Case battery 250mAh, Pods battery at 25mAH each
– 4h to 5h Uninterrupted listening time on the Pods and up to 12-15h listening time using the Wireless Charging Case to recharge 3x
– 10m unobstructed Range
– Dual microphone construction, either Pod can be used for calls singularly
– Smart chipset to handle voice coil protection of being over driven by bass or high frequency songs/sound at normal listening volume to ensure a long lasting voice coils and sound quality
– Auto Pairing
– Smart Tap Functions
– Current battery level indicator passthrough communication to connected device
– Support for both iOS and Android, Windows and MacOS that have Bluetooth connection

Tips for use:
If you intend on not using the earphones for some time, periodically charge the battery to maintain battery health.
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– ORRO CasualPods
– ORRO CasualBuds
– ORRO ConferencePods
– ORRO GameBuds
– ORRO ProBuds
– ORRO Audiophile






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