230×160 Babil Textured Turkish Rug with Shimmering Yarn – Grey/Yellow



Carpet-weaving is one of the most ancient crafts in Turkey, and the Turkish rug can make a beautiful complement to any home. It is woven from only the finest materials using techniques and expertise passed down for generations that make every Turkish rug a wonder to behold and own.

– Water repellent
– Footprint repellent
– No dust fibers
– Artistic
– Soil Repellant
– Pinpointed
– Colourfast

Steeped in history, these rugs designs complement any area they are placed in, changing the atmosphere and the mood of any room.

There’s a reason why societies across the globe have cherished Oriental rugs for centuries – it’s because their high-quality character makes them a high-value, durable good. Because Oriental rugs are woven with strong fibers (typically high-quality, all-natural wool) and made by hand, they can endure regular wear for years and years. The first known carpets in the world were woven by Turks in Central Asia. It is known that these carpets are the oldest example ever survived in 6-5 centuries BC and are still stored in the Leningrad Museum. What this means for you is that your rug will last and last and last.

Oriental rugs are soft to the touch and forever plush.

Any homeowner, decorator, or designer will recognize and appreciate an Oriental rug when they see one. By displaying an Oriental wool rug in your house, you’re declaring your dedication to your home environment and respect for quality design. Invest in an Oriental rug and impress guests for years to come.

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1 x Babil Rug

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