Afro Scandi Slimline Deep Frame Mirror


Introducing the Afro Scandi Slimline Deep Frame Mirror – an exquisite blend of African and Scandinavian design that will elevate your home decor to new heights!

Size: H 115cm x W 36 cm x D 4cm

Materials: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this mirror is made from top-quality glass, ensuring a clear and crisp reflection that enhances the beauty of any room. The powder-coated steel frame adds a modern touch, while the incorporation of unique African-inspired elements infuses cultural richness into the design.

The Afro Scandi Slimline Deep Frame Mirror is more than just a mirror; it’s a statement piece that commands attention and adds a touch of sophistication to your living spaces. Hang it in your living room, bedroom, hallway, or any area that could use a captivating focal point.

Versatile in size and style, this mirror effortlessly complements a wide range of interior designs – from contemporary and minimalist to eclectic and bohemian. It’s the perfect addition to any space that needs a dash of elegance and cultural flair.

With its sleek and slimline design, this mirror exudes modernity while celebrating the beauty of African heritage. It’s a conversation starter that sparks interest and admiration among your guests.

Enhance your living spaces with the Afro Scandi Slimline Deep Frame Mirror and let your walls reflect not just your image, but also your unique sense of style.

Experience the harmony of Afro-chic and Scandi simplicity today. Upgrade your home with a touch of cultural artistry and modern elegance.

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Our Afro Scandi Slimline Deep Frame Mirror has become extremely popular with interior designers looking to create the elusion of height in a bathroom. The slim design works with a variety of vanities whether close together or far apart!

We love the matte black powder coating and the thicker-than-usual metal rim combined with the wooden textured piece! It sits nice and flush against the wall!


H 115cm x W 36 cm x D 4cm


Glass Mirror
Powder-Coated Steel