Creative Deco 75Lt Bamboo Laundry Basket



  • includes a durable basket lid and rope handles.
  • includes a detachable laundry bag for convenient transport of your dirty laundry to the washer.
  • produced from organic, regenerative bamboo. built to withstand the demands of daily use
    made from 1.7 cm wide, thick bamboo strips for strength and longevity.
  • Our laundry baskets’ vibrant yet distinctive colors will go well with the design of just about any bathroom or room in your house.
  • also suitable for storing children’s toys, blankets, clothing, pillows, or towels.
  • Our Artistic Deco Bamboo Laundry Baskets are constructed from Premium Bamboo, which is strong, light, and environmentally friendly.
  • Rope handles can either be set to the short sides of the basket or the long sides of the basket.
  • Size: 40cm length X 30cm width X 60cm height (75Lt)
  • Simple 2 step assembly – directions on box
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  • Premium Quality
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

What’s in the box
1 X 75Lt Bamboo Basket
1 X Laundry Bag
1 X Basket Lid


Charcoal Grey, Light Grey