Eazzy 3 Compact Tow Ball | 3-Bike Carrier


Effortless Bike Transport Introducing the BuzzRack Eazzy 3 Compact Tow Ball Platform
For cyclists seeking a convenient and user-friendly solution for transporting up to three bikes, the BuzzRack Eazzy 3 emerges as a compelling choice. This compact and feature-rich tow ball platform prioritizes ease of use, secure bike transport, and functionality, making it a favorite among cyclists who value a well-engineered product.

Functionality Meets Compact Design
The Eazzy 3 embodies the spirit of the Eazzy series, offering convenient mounting, user-friendly features, and compact storage. This folding platform boasts a maximum load capacity of 60kg, allowing you to comfortably carry three bikes (each weighing up to 20kg). Furthermore, the platform folds neatly, minimizing storage space required in your car boot when not in use.

Here’s why the folding design is a game-changer: Compared to traditional tow bar carriers, the Eazzy 3 folds into a vertical unit, making it easier to carry, install, and remove. This eliminates the struggle associated with bulky carriers and reduces the risk of damage from other vehicles in car parks.

Effortless Setup and Secure Transport
The Eazzy 3 prioritizes a hassle-free experience. It arrives pre-assembled, requiring minimal setup. The easy-to-follow instructions guide you through attaching the lights (which require only one screw each) and the number plate holder (using the provided bolt and tool). Fitting the platform onto the tow ball is a breeze; simply place it in its folded state, secure it using the tightening wheel and lock, and finally, engage the anti-sway tensioner.

Safety is paramount with the Eazzy 3. It complies with the XPR-18-904-4 standard and includes an integrated anti-sway tensioner to minimize bike movement during transport. Additionally, the platform features locking mechanisms for both the bikes and the tow ball, providing peace of mind on your journey.

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Key Features at a Glance:

Pre-assembled for immediate use
Easy fitment onto the tow ball
Anti-sway tensioner for secure transport
Locks bikes and platform to the tow ball
13-pin lighting system (adapter required for 7-pin setups)
Versatile Bike Compatibility and User-Friendly Design
The Eazzy 3 caters to a wide range of bikes. The wheel holders can accommodate most wheelbases (excluding tandems) and are suitable for even small children’s bikes. The long wheel straps with rubber padding securely hold tires up to 3.25 inches wide.

Here’s another winning feature: The Eazzy 3 is fully compatible with carbon-frame bikes. The rubber-padded bike frame cradles rotate 360 degrees and use soft straps to hold any frame type securely without causing damage. For bikes with larger frames, longer frame straps are available as an optional purchase.

Invest in Convenience and Quality
The BuzzRack Eazzy 3 Compact Tow Ball Platform is a testament to quality engineering. Its exemplary build quality is evident in the tube bending, welding, rustproofing, painting, and component selection. Furthermore, all parts are replaceable, ensuring longevity for your investment.

Here are some additional points to consider:

The Eazzy 3 requires 65mm clearance from the center of the tow ball to the rear of the vehicle.
It is not suitable for trailers, campers, or RVs.
Your car’s tow bar nose weight also affects the maximum permitted load capacity. Always check your vehicle’s specifications before using any tow bar-mounted bike carrier.
By prioritizing functionality, user-friendliness, and secure bike transport, the BuzzRack Eazzy 3 Compact Tow Ball Platform establishes itself as a reliable and convenient solution for cyclists who value a smooth cycling experience.

Invest in the Eazzy 3 today and experience the freedom of effortless bike transport!