Everlast Powerlock Pro Laced Leather Training Gloves – 12oz



“Lock in and power on” “The hard hitter” the Everlast Powerlock Pro Laced Training Gloves are the ultimate hybrid training glove, offering the perfect balance of speed, comfort, and protection while still delivering an undeniably powerful punch. The choice of champions, this glove features Powerlock technology, an ergonomically constructed layered foam that guides your hands into a natural fist position. An iconic design with compact fist and superior wrist closure keeps hands safe and secure even for the hardest punchers. Made from premium leather. Powerlocks are long-lasting, durable and provide unmatched functionality and performance. The ideal glove for sparring, heavy bag workouts and mitt work. Lock in and power on with the Everlast Powerlock Pro Laced Training Gloves. Features: Professional level lace-up training gloves. Perfect balance of speed, power and protection.

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– Ultimate Hybrid Training Glove

– Perfect Balance of Power, Comfort and Protection

– Powerlock Technology – Ergonomically Constructed Layered Foam

– Professional Level Lace-up

– Superior Wrist Closure Keeps Hands Safe and Secure, Even for the Hardest Punchers

– Built with Premium Leather

– Long-lasting durability Provides Unmatched Functionality and Performance

– Ideal Glove for Sparring, Heavy Bag Workouts and Mitt Work

– Choice of Champions



– Size: 12oz

– Colour: Black and White

– Material: Premium Leather

What’s in the box
1 x Pair of Powerlock Pro Laced Leather Training Boxing Gloves