Mini Hot Air Electric Popcorn Machine



Enjoy fresh popcorn with your family and friends
Instant popcorn while watching a movie, or a series, or simply because you want to have some popcorn
With the help of this machine, it will take you only a few minutes to make it
More safely and conveniently as it runs on electricity.
– It really is useful while you are having a party, watching a film or any entertainment activity at home.
– Just plug it into the household electric power outlet and turn on the switch.
– It has a low noise motor, and a transparent lid so you can see when the popcorn is ready.
– Now you can enjoy fresh popcorn in a matter of minutes (3 to 5 min. Approx)
– It is ideal for parties, home movies, soccer games, or any other social gathering.
– Does not require oil as popcorn explodes with hot air
– It has an ON-OFF switch behind the machine, for easy use.
– Low-calorie popcorn.
– Single switch to operate.
– Measuring cup allows you to measure popcorn kernel and cover the top opening,
– Nonstick pan liner inside. Easy to use.
– Smooth outer body with no impurities, no smell, or no high-temperature deformation.

– Voltage: 230V
– Frequency: 50/60Hz
– Power: 1200

What’s in the box
1 x Mini Hot Air Electric Popcorn Machine

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