Nutribullet Everygrain Cooker



5 Multiple Grain Settings
Features “Brown rice,” “White rice,” “Oats,” “Quinoa,” and “Grains” presets to cook every grain, plus a “Steam” program for veggies, fish, and beyond. Delay Start and Keep Warm functions let you prep according to your schedule.

10-Cup Cooking Pot & Steaming Basket
The cooker accommodates up to 5 dry scoops of rice or grains at a time. The included steaming basket can be stacked on top of grains for simultaneous cooking or used on its own with the “Steam” program.

Built to Last
Built to last, the EveryGrain™ Cooker is made from durable plastic, with a non-stick coated Cooking pot. Accessories are all made from durable, dishwasher safe plastic. Assembled Dimensions: 11.4″L x 10.8″ W x 8.6″H

Easy Cleaning
Clean all parts with warm, soapy water. All parts are dishwasher safe except the non-stick cooking pot and base. Wipe Cooker Base clean with a damp cloth.

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What’s in the box
• 1 x 600w Cooker base
• 1 x 10-cup non-stick cooking pot
• 1 x Steaming basket
• 1 x Rice Spoon
• 1 x Measuring Scoop
• 1 x User & Recipe Guide