RevUp – Mushroom Rain Cloud Air Humidifier



Experience nature’s beauty with the Mushroom Rain Cloud Air Humidifier. Its mini-rain clouds bring a lush and natural atmosphere to any room. 7 color-changing LED lights offer an extra touch of beauty at night. With the ability to adjust water flow, this modern humidifier can effectively moisturize dry skin and help reduce nose bleeds due to dryness. Enjoy better air quality and more with just one press of a button!

This energy-efficient humidifier features a direct USB plug for convenience. Its 300-ml tank is transparent so you can see when to refill. Equipped with an ultra-quiet sound to reduce stress, this humidifier is perfect for keeping your bedroom peaceful while you sleep.

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This sleek, modern cloud humidifier, with a raindrop pattern, adds a touch of nature to any living space. Add it to your home or office for improved air quality and to combat dry air, removing odors, soothing skin, and even relieving sore throats! Various color settings: Press and hold the button to adjust between 7 vibrant LED lights, water, and light modes. Keep it in breathing mode or set it to always on. With a quick click, you can adjust the number of simulated raindrops and spray water. Diffusion and Humidification: Enjoy a calming atmosphere with the cloud humidifier’s soft, simulated raindrop sound and its ability to humidify dry air without adding too much moisture. Its whisper-quiet operation won’t disturb your rest or work. This raindrop design serves as a reminder of nature’s calming balance.

Size: 16x16x25.1cm
Material: PP+Plastic+ABS
Capacity: 300ml
Spray volume: 15-20ml/h
Lighting: Colorful Night Light
3 Modes: Rain and Mist Mode, Rain Mode, Mist Mode
Rain Mode: No Rain, Light Rain, Heavy Rain
Power Supply: USB To Type C
Colors: 7 Colours

What’s in the box
1 x RevUp – Mushroom Rain Cloud Air Humidifier