Robotic Vacuum Cleaner & Mop



Welcome to The RoboGem Line of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners!

The RoboGem Alfred robotic vacuum cleaner is here and it mops! It Vacuums. Sweeps! A 3-In-1 entry-level Robotic Vacuum cleaner.

> Powerful: With a suction power of 2000pa it is perfect for stubborn pet hairs and everyday spills.

Let Alfred take care of your home while you get on with life.

> Run Time: The RoboGem Alfred robotic vacuum cleaner has a work time of 60-80 minutes

> HEPA Filter: The RoboGem Alfred has HEPA filters which are special High-Efficiency Particulate Air-filters that filter up to 99% of allergens out of the air. These cleaners have precision-sealed, airtight dust enclosures with HEPA-E11 filtration which prevent exhaust contamination of your ambient air.

When in vacuum mode, the robot will do Zig Zag pattern cleaning to ensure that it covers the whole area.

The RoboGem Alfred robotic vacuum cleaner is a low-end inertial guidance sweeper, which is more suitable for low-end consumer groups. Please also consider RoboGem Arlene robotic vacuum cleaner, (Lidar/laser guidance and automapping), which is more of a high-end consumer product, (which is also sold on Take A Lot).


Anti Drop SENSORS, (to stop it from falling down stairs): Advanced sensors continually monitor the floor and surroundings to ensure that Alfred stops and turns before reaching stairs or any other drop-in floor surface.

The RoboGem Alfred robotic vacuum cleaner s SLIMLINE, QUIET DESIGN: Designed to effortlessly glide under most furniture.

CONTROL & CHARGE REMOTELY: The easy-to-use remote gives you the ability to control the RoboGem Alfred robotic vacuum cleaner at a distance.

Compact: Alfred robotic vacuum cleaner s height has been reduced by 20%, making it able to get under most beds, sofas, and cabinets to give a thorough cleaning. Alfred is one of the quietest robotic vacuums in its class.

The RoboGem Alfred robotic vacuum cleaner quickly sucks up dust, crumbs, debris, and pet hair from floors and carpets, you may need to remove small loose rugs, (especially if it has tassels). Alfred also has -V-boost Carpet Detection which means it can detect when it is over a carpet and adjust its suction power accordingly.

This model is ideal for both home and business use, and it performs admirably on all types of tile, carpets up to 1cm thick, and hardwood (hard and laminated) floors!

The RoboGem Alfred robotic vacuum cleaner has a 600ml dust bin capacity and a 200ml water tank capacity for the mopping feature. Don’t have high expectations about the mopping. All robotic vacuum cleaners are ideal for wiping down slightly dirty tiles and laminate floors, ( For muddy or very dirty floors, you are going to have to do it the traditional way).

Alfred has Three Cleaning Modes Directly From The Simple remote Control, ( No App Needed!)

-Auto Cleaning Mode: One button to auto clean.

-Spot Cleaning Mode: Focuses on cleaning a small area, (cleaning up a spill)

-Edge Cleaning Mode: Focuses on room edges and skirting boards.

Key Features:

-Random cleaning model, basic vacuum cleaning & sweeping.

-Mains-powered Charging Base station

-Auto-return to the base station when the battery power reaches 20%

-2000pa suction power with low noise emission ( Suitable for tile, hardwood floors, and thin-pile carpet (up to 15mm)

-Full-function remote control

What’s in the box
1 x RoboGem Alfred Robotic Vacuum
2 x Spare Side Brushes
1 x Spare Mop
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Spare HEPA Filter
1 x Charging Base
1 x Water Tank
1 x User Manual
1 x Robogem Alfred Remote Control

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