Slazenger – Shimano Equipped 26” Men’s MTB Bike



From the playing fields to the major sporting arenas around the globe, Slazenger is one of the biggest sporting brands around. Synonymous with performance, style and quality, Slazenger upholds a reputation of excellence and expertise. Established over 140 years ago, it is one of the longest-standing sports brands in tennis, cricket, hockey and golf.


Slazenger’s range of bicycles are fully Shimano equipped, with 21-speed Shimano RS35 shifters, Shimano front derailleur and Shimano RD31 rear derailleur. Engineered with mechanical front and rear disc brakes, a durable steel frame with a 120mm suspension fork and lightweight double-walled aluminium rims.

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– 21 Speed Shimano RS35 shifters

– Shimano front derailleur

– Shimano RD31 rear derailleur

– Mechanical front and rear disc brakes

– 26-inch x 2.125-inch tires

– Durable steel frame

– Lightweight double-wall aluminium rims

– 1200 Suspension fork

– 660mm Wide handlebars

– Kickstand

– Easy to assemble



– Colour: Petrol blue

– Tires: 26-inch x 2.125-inch

– Material: Steel

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1 x 26” Men’s MTB Bike