Tyre Pressure Monitoring System



The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) allows you to monitor the exact tyre pressure and temperature of all 4 tires of your car. It consists of 4 sensors, and a display monitor inside the vehicle.
The TPMS will alert you of leaks, punctures and overheating. Critical if you want to avoid ever having a blowout, or a tyre getting shredded from being driven flat!
The TPMS works by attaching 4 external sensors to your tyre valves which monitor the pressure and temperature, and these send readings back to the monitor inside the car wirelessly every 6 seconds. The sensors automatically turn on and off based on movement to conserve energy and thus achieve a long battery life of 2-3 years before the battery needs replacement.
The monitor has built-in alarms if a tyre pressure is too low or too high. This can be configured, but comes pre-set at 2 and 3 BAR. The monitor also has a built-in alarm if the temperature of your tires rises too high. This can be configured, but comes pre-set at 65 degrees Celsius.
This specific monitor model attaches directly to the windscreen and comes with a small built-in solar panel, so it never needs to be charged manually.
The monitor comes pre-paired with the sensors, and will turn itself on and off based on movement of the vehicle. The monitor shows all 4 tires at the same tie, temperature and pressure for each, but remains small and compact to not clutter your view.
The external pressure sensors can be easily installed on the car tires using only the tool provided, and should take only a couple of minutes. They come with a locknut, to prevent tampering or removal by unauthorized parties.

TPMS Monitor Features:
– Easy mounting on windscreen
– Realtime monitoring of tires
– High temperature resistance
– Charges from a built-in Solar Power
– Display the temperature of all 4 tires
– Display the tyre pressure of all 4 tires
– Visual and audible warning for abnormal tyre pressure and temperature
– Pressure alarm high / low can be set, pre-set at 2 and 3 BAR.
– Turns on and off automatically
– High contrast colour LCD display for easy viewing
– RF Frequency 433.92MHz
– Size 92mm x 55mm x 40mm
– Weight 68g

Tyre Sensor Features:
– Externally mounted onto tyre valve
– CR1632 Lithium Battery
– TX Frequency 433.92 Mhz
– IP67 Waterproof rating
– Pressure Range up to 3.5 Bar
– Battery Life 2-3 years (daily drive of 2-3 hrs)
– Size 22mm x 20mm diameter
– Weight 9g

What’s in the box
1 x Solar Windscreen TPMS Monitor
2 x Monitor Adhesive Strips
4 x Tyre Pressure Sensors
4 x Sensor Nuts
1 x Sensor Nut Spanner
1 x Manual

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