Wahl Extreme Grip Lithium-Ion Multigroomer – 25 Piece



– Wahl’s new Extreme Grip has 5 interchangeable cutting heads and 13 combs for full beard and body grooming.
– This kit comes with the most comprehensive set of trimming combs to take you from a short stubble, to a perfectly faded beard.
– The rubber handle keeps the trimmer firmly in your hands and improves your grip.
– Enjoy 2 hours of runtime and multiple uses from a 4-hour charge. Complimented by a quick charge function due to the powerful Lithium-Ion battery.
– The standard blade is ideal for more focused grooming where the wider blade cuts a larger surface area ensuring quick and effortless grooming.
– Use the foil shaver to refine beard lines, shave clean and finish your look.
– The detailed nose & ear attachments allow you to clean up any rough edges.
– The Extreme Grip s precision ground blades are washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. The blades should be oiled and stored dry when not in use.
– The storage bag makes travelling with your trimmer easy and helps to keep all your accessories in one place.
– This comprehensive kit has everything you need to maintain your unique look.

Unique Selling Points:
– Lithium-ion multigroomer
– Strong and powerful motor ensuring quick grooming
– 4-hour charge time
– 2 hour run time with multiple uses
– Quick charge function
– Extreme rubber handle improves your grip and keeps the trimmer firmly in your hands
– Five interchangeable trimming attachments for your face and body
– 13 trimming combs giving you a cutting range of 0.75mm – 11mm
– Trimmer cuts to 0.5 mm on the narrow and wider blade
– Washable blades and large blade brush for easy cleaning and maintenance
– Universal voltage and travel friendly
– Accessory bag for storage
– Lightweight, safe, and easy to use

Useful Tip: Wahl blades are self-sharpening so when oiled and cleaned regularly, before and after every use, it extends the blade life. The Wahl blade oil helps to push trapped hair out from in between the blades. This means there is less friction, and the motor will last longer.

What’s in the box
1 x Accessory Storage Bag
1 x Oil
1 x Universal Transformer
1 x Moustache Comb
1 x Large Cleaning Brush
1 x Standard Trimmer Blade
1 x Wide Trimmer Blade
1 x Foil Shaver Head
1 x Detail Trimmer Blade
1 x Vertical Nose & Ear Trimmer
1 x Eyebrow Guide for vertical nose trimmer head
1 x 0,75 mm trimmer guide
1 x 1,5 mm trimmer guide
1 x 2,25 mm trimmer guide
1 x 3 mm trimmer guide
1 x 3,75 mm trimmer guide
1 x 4,5 mm trimmer guide
1 x 5,25 mm trimmer guide
1 x 6 mm trimmer guide
1 x 6,75 mm trimmer guide
1 x 7,5 mm trimmer guide
1 x 8,25 mm trimmer guide
1 x 8,25 mm trimmer guide
1 x 10-position adjustable guide comb – stubble

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