Hybrid Hlf1500d Low Fog Machine



Low Fog Machine

Introducing the Hybrid HLF1500D, the pinnacle of low fog machine technology. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance, this unit boasts a robust power of 2550W. With a rapid warm-up time of approximately 4 minutes, it ensures a seamless fog output of 21000 1500ml/h. The device comes with adjustable output and fan speed options, giving you complete control over the fog density and dispersion. Notably, it consumes water-based fog liquid and water efficiently, with rates of approximately 11min/l and 400ml/min respectively, and houses an ample 1.5l water-based fog liquid tank and a generous 18l water tank. The on-device LCD display board provides effortless manual control, complemented by the included W-5 Wireless Controller. Integrated with DMX512 control protocol, it operates on a 2CH DMX channel and utilizes a 3-pin XLR for DMX data connections. Each purchase also comes with an extension connector hose for added convenience. Elevate your events with the Hybrid HLF1500D and experience fog like never before!

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Product Specifications

Initial Warm-Up Time: Approx 4min
Temperature Control: Electronic Thermo-Control
Water Mist Output Volume: 21000 1500m /h
Adjustable Output: YES, Support 1-100% adjustment
Adjustable Fan Speed: YES, Support 1-100% adjustment
Oil Consumption @ Full Volume: Approx 11min/
Water Consumption @ Full Volume: Approx 400m /min
Oil Tank:1.5
Water Tank: 18
On-Device Manual Control: LCD Display Board
Controller Included: W-5 Wireless Controller
Control Protocol: DMX512
DMX Channel: 2CH

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