Perfect Nail Gift Set



Nail Balsam:
1. Moisturizes the nail
2. Nourishes the nail
3. Improves the condition of the nail

Nail Repair Natural:
1. Strengthens the nails by firmly connecting protein molecules
2. Does not disrupt or alter the moisture balance of the nail
3. Provides a naturally glossy finish

Glass File:
1. Ultra-fine surface that prevents nails from splitting
2. Patented design made of the highest quality durable glass that lasts a lifetime

Nail Buffer:
1. Smooths the nail
2. Removes fine ridges and imperfections
3. Leaves nails shiny

What’s in the box
1 x Nail Balsam
1 x Nail Repair Natural
1 x Glass File in protective Silver Case
1 x Nail Buffer
1 x Trind Black Cosmetic Bag

  • Premium Quality
  • Satisfaction Guarantee