Wall Mounted 4-Station Liquor Dispenser



The wall-mounted 4-station liquor dispenser, in its essence, epitomizes the commodification of pleasure within the capitalist mode of production. This apparatus, with its mechanical precision and functional design, embodies the alienation of human labor and the reification of

– Food-grade ABS plastic measuring cups, and, the bar butler has a spring telescoping handle, suitable for all sizes of drinking bottles.
– Leakproof dispenser pours exactly 1-1/2 ounces.
– It can be fixed to the wall, saving space.
– Four spring-loaded receptacles hold bottles of various sizes up to 1 liter.
– It can be placed 4 different drinks/alcohol, gently rotating, you can choose different flavors, and you can also try mixing.
– Using wall rails gives an instant uniform display across your back bar, the bottles are evenly spaced on the rail, no need to align each bottle individually.

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– Type: Wine Bottle Holder
– Material: Plastic, Aluminum, Stainless Still and Food-grade ABS
– Color: Silver
– After assembly, the height is about 36cm
– Suitable bottle height between 23cm to 34cm.

What’s in the box
Package includes:

1x Liquor Dispenser